Getting into a car accident can get you into a lot of other risks. It becomes more so if it is in a rented car because you are no the owner of the car. You will not be sure if the car has proper insurance or with appropriate legal documentation.

The chances of getting into an accident are higher if you are driving a rented car. Since you are not familiar with the vehicle, your probability for getting into an accident is more than driving a personal vehicle. There are a few things to do when you get into an accident.  First, seek medical assistance, call 911, report about the accident and exchange contact information to the other parties involved in the accident.

Here is what you need to do if you are in a rental car accident:

•    Let the owner of the rented car know about the accident. Contacting the third party agency through which you made the rental will help. Following the instructions in the rental documents to contact the third party or the car owner is also another step.

•    It is crucial to follow these instructions carefully. If you make any mistakes, you might end up being the only one who has to bear the problem of the car crash.

What might happen if you are in a rental car accident:

•    If the lawsuit is a personal injury lawsuit, the car company, owner or the third party agent will not be liable. Only in a rare exception, for example, if the car accident was due to poor maintenance of the rental car. Only under such exception might the car company be liable.

•    Check if rental cars are also covered in your car insurance policy. It is crucial to ensure coverage by your insurance policy.

•    A Liability Coverage by the insurance policy will pay for the car damage and the injury done to the other person in the car accident. However, collision coverage will only cover the cost of getting the crashed car fixed.

•    The type of insurance policy you have affects your post-crash legal proceedings to a large extent.